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Working for the Rights of Young People: Meet Our Youth Advisory Board

Updated: 3 days ago

Rights of the youth

With 1.2 billion people between the ages of 15 and 24 in the world, the rights of young people and their inclusion in decision-making are vital to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Aya Contigo recognizes the valuable contribution of the community in the defense of the sexual and reproductive rights of the youth and advocates that their participation is key to the development of a broad vision of their needs, realities and political agendas.

The Youth Advisory Council is Aya Contigo's commitment to provide a space for participation, reflection and strategy, so that the needs and interests of youth are reflected in our work. This Advisory Council is made up of people between 15 and 30 years old, interested in sexual and reproductive health issues of adolescents and who wish to develop skills in digital activism or advocacy for the right to decide. Our goal is to position Aya Contigo as a catalyst tool in the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights of young people!

Yoki Mata, 23 years old

For me, being part of the Youth Advisory Council means being a young person and an incident person in the context in which we are, being able to be the voice of others who cannot be heard and incorporate them in projects in which they can develop skills. It is incredible because you start to create spaces and they are safe spaces. The impact of the Advisory Council is the gathering of information and experience, through our perspective and our needs.

Rights of the Youth Through Inclusion

Young people demand solutions and opportunities in the face of current challenges, and thus represent a positive force for change and development that must be taken into account. At Aya Contigo, the Advisory Council is positioned as a strategy to integrate the ideas, experiences, perspectives and expertise of young people into the processes and activities carried out by the organization.

Rights of the youth are a priority for Aya Contigo

Since its creation, the members of the Advisory Council have advised the community engagement team, represented Aya Contigo in events related to sexual and reproductive health, and have also collaborated in the development of the organization's communication strategies. On the other hand, they have participated in training workshops, with the objective of strengthening their personal and professional skills.

The Advisory Council is an opportunity to co-create solutions with a common goal: a world in which women, girls and young people have equal and unhindered access to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.

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