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Voices Supporting Abortion IV: "We Must Have the Right to Reproductive Autonomy"

Updated: 3 days ago

Reproductive autonomy

Génesis D. 22 years old

I support abortion rights. I have always supported reproductive autonomy. It is something that has always been very present in my life. When my pregnancy happened at a very young age, I supported it more. My mother respected that right. She sat me down and told me: what do you want to do, it's your life, it's you, it's your body, what do you want to do?

The fact that I was given the option to choose and that I could consciously say that I wanted to continue the pregnancy, led me to support even more that other women and pregnant women can assert their right to decide. Not everyone wants to be a mother. Being a mother does not prevent me from being in favor of abortion because I made my decision and I could have chosen to have an abortion, but in my case it was a desired maternity. I think we should all have this power over our bodies. I am no one to tell another person that terminating her pregnancy is wrong. Her life is not mine, her body is not mine.

I would recommend seeing a more complete picture. There always will be. Analyze if you feel ready, if it's something you want. In my case I wanted to, I didn't feel ready but I did want to continue the pregnancy. I had the support of my parents. Seeing the pros and cons of what you may want and what you can offer is also important. Sometimes you may want things but because of economic or mental circumstances, among others, you can't. For me it is important to look at all the options. It is important for me to see all the options available and think about all the possibilities. Your body is yours and the life that is going to change is yours, not somebody else's.

Don't Let Being a Lesbian Hurt Your Motherhood

Society with its value judgments can negatively influence children's beliefs and ideas. In my case, my daughter understands perfectly well that I go out with women; now I go out with a non-binary person. It is a little more difficult for her, but not precisely because of her, but because of society; she makes her life in the context of school, where gender roles and binarism are very marked.

My daughter understands naturally that one simply loves people and that's it. There is no negative aspect. For them it's just love, it's a token of affection and that's it. She pays little attention to people's sexual orientation. She doesn't have prejudices, society and adults do. The fact that children grow up with non-heterosexual parents can make their upbringing free of prejudices and discrimination.

Many times you are afraid of being judged for your orientation or identity but you also have to understand that children come without any preconceived opinion. They are pure souls, blank minds to whom you can explain that we are all different, all people are different and that it is okay, it is valid and we have to respect everyone equally. We deserve love and respect. Give it and receive it.

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