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Voices in Support of Abortion II: "Abortion Support is a Right that No One Should Take Away From Us"

Updated: 3 days ago

Te explicamos más sobre el tema

In Aya Contigo we are collecting stories and opinions of women in support of abortion. In this series of testimonies we will learn about the experiences of those who are in Venezuela and what are the experiences that have shaped their opinion on the right to decide.

Yessika Richerl Murillo, 28 years old.

I was already pro abortion support when I was pregnant. What made me agree? School. In my time they instilled in me that being illegal had a negative stigma. I have always been a very critical person and deep down, even though education taught us that, I always thought that each person should be the owner of their own body decisions.

What I think is that if a woman doesn't want to do something as big as motherhood, she simply doesn't have to do it. That's what I've always thought. That's why, starting in my 20s, I began to support abortion, even though at the time many people disagreed. It was a taboo subject and there were even people who would call you bad for supporting something like that.

I am glad that during these times there has been more open dialogue and above all, a deeper understanding of why supporting abortion can have a positive impact on children. Above all, prioritizing the welfare of children is what should prevail. However, I feel that the battle of moralities predominates here; of what is morally correct or not. Unfortunately, that is not enough to support a child.

Not everyone has the capacity to be a mother or father

Every day that I spend with my son shows me that motherhood and fatherhood are definitely capabilities and unfortunately not everyone has them. Maybe a person has economic stability, but if they don't have the disposition, their motherhood will probably be just as hellish as for a person who doesn't have the resources.

I believe that if a woman has a sufficiently convincing reason to have an abortion, she should do it because it is her body, she is her own woman. A child is a very big investment of time, attention, patience, that not all women are willing to have and that is also fine.

As a mother, I would advise all women about their right to decide, that no one should take it away from them. Even though people think they have the power over women's lives, no one really has more authority than ourselves. That is why it is very important to understand that supporting abortion or having one is a right that no one, absolutely no one can, nor should, take away from us. Certainly our partner (if we have one) is important because he is part of the relationship and of the decision, but in the end the choice must be in our hands because it is our body that will be there.

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