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Aya Contigo Tracker: Learn How to Monitor Your Abortion Symptoms

Updated: 3 days ago

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What type of bleeding is considered normal? What are the warning signs? These are some of the questions asked by those seeking to self-manage pregnancy termination. With this need in mind, Aya Contigo developed a tracker to help its users monitor their abortion symptoms, their emotions and compare their progress with what is expected to check that the process is being carried out successfully.

Abortion is not immediate. Every body is different and bleeding can take several days to weeks to stop completely. Understanding this will allow you to take the process in stride and at Aya Contigo we are here to help you.

What Will Users Be Able to Do in the Monitoring Section?

  • Record day-to-day pregnancy symptoms, bleeding, emotions and pain.

  • Save their information and view their progress each day.

  • Consult a calendar that tells them the days monitored and the possible fertile period after taking the pills.

  • Access recommendations to keep in mind during your abortion process.

  • Communicate with the support team when they need help or when their progress is not as expected.

How to Monitor Your Abortion Symptoms

You log in to the Aya Contigo application and accept the privacy policy. You access the tracker in the main menu, in the "Monitor your symptoms and emotions during abortion" tab or from the "Monitor" icon in the bottom navigation bar.

To start monitoring, you must register. It is important to register because it allows you to save your daily data and review your progress whenever you need to. Then you must click on "Start here".

Every day, for seven days in a row, you will click this same button to enter the menu where you can mark the symptoms and emotions you experience.

When Can You Start Using the Tracker?

You can start monitoring pregnancy symptoms and emotions after the first dose, without having to wait. But to monitor pain and bleeding you can start 24 hours after the first dose if you took mifepristone and misoprostol and two to four hours after taking the pills if you used only misoprostol.

When entering the data you do not have to answer everything, just what you need or feel comfortable with. First you have the option to add your pregnancy symptoms: nausea, breast tenderness, urge to urinate or tiredness on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is "felt nothing" and 5 is "very strong".

In the bleeding section, you have three options to choose from: no bleeding, similar to the heaviest bleeding of menstruation, or heavier than the heaviest bleeding of your usual period.

You can then choose your predominant emotion of the day, from a menu of three groups ranging from good, normal and fair, and the intensity of your belly pain or cramping on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the strongest.

Sections that May Be Useful for You

You can always check "View my progress", where you select a variable to make comparisons and check your progress.

In the "Recommendations" section you have a compilation of content on how to relieve pain, what medications are allowed and frequently asked questions. And if you have any doubts or would like a more direct accompaniment, Aya Contigo has a chat available where you can talk to our team.

If you want to be part of the community of Aya Contigo users and share your experience, we have a section available for you. We value loving accompaniment and sisterhood as the basis to help you have a safe abortion, so it is important to share testimonies that allow others to know that they are not alone in this process.

Throughout the application and the tracker your information is kept completely confidential and we use it only for the time necessary to provide you with the service you need.

Have you already used our tracker? Leave us a comment on our social networks and share it with the person who needs it.

Contact us! We are here to accompany you in your process of safe abortion with pills.

Download the app Aya Contigo.



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