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How to Masturbate and Get Maximum Pleasure

Updated: 2 days ago

How to masturbate

Pleasure from touching can be different for everyone, because all bodies have different ways of feeling and different erogenous zones. The experience changes from person to person. Although there is no right or wrong way to do it, certain tips for masturbation should be taken into account to avoid any possibility of risks so that you only have a moment of pure satisfaction.

To enjoy, you have to find a suitable place, get comfortable and let yourself go. It is important to consider which things turn you on and which part of your body to start touching. Although you can discover this as you masturbate.

Make sure you have clean hands to go over your body and especially to play with your vulva, vagina, penis or anus. These are delicate areas that you should protect from infection. You can use lubricant or use your natural moisture. If your genitals are lubricated, this will reduce friction and help prevent you from causing any injuries or small tears in your skin.

Tips to Masturbate a Penis

If you are a person with a penis or want to masturbate someone else, among the tips for masturbation we suggest stroking the testicles with your fingertips. You can start slowly, increase the pace or balance the movement according to what you feel or let you know how it feels. If you think it's time to do something about the erection, you can wrap your fingers around it and glide up and down, alternating the speed depending on the reaction. If you want, dedicate both hands to the shaft or you can leave one hand caressing the base.

As you move up and down, get closer and closer to the glans with purpose; add more lubricant if necessary. With your fingers you can circle and subtly press the frenulum under the tip or head of the member. As you move around the crotch, pay attention to the points that generate the most satisfaction. Also pay attention to the way you do it. It will allow you to find the most appropriate way to do it.

Giving Pleasure to a Vulva

Our tips for masturbating if you have a vulva or want to give pleasure to one, start by taking into account that there are different ways to do it. So we suggest you try until you get the technique that makes you feel more comfort and enjoyment.

Locate the clitoris, surround it with your fingertips and make gentle caresses that you can increase the intensity according to what you are experiencing. Some people recommend to start rubbing before taking off your underwear, in order to adapt the vulva to the increased arousal. Once you feel confident to continue, play with the movement of the fingers, you can do it in circles, zig zag, sliding from top to bottom, as best enjoyed.

If you want to play with the anus, lubricate your fingers well, remember that the anus and rectum are not self-lubricating so it is essential that when touching this part, we use lubricant to avoid irritation or injury. Start by circling the area, rubbing and pressing little by little, with increasing intensity until you get inside.

Remember to play with your creativity. Explore other parts of the body besides the genitals. And if you want to include sex toys to masturbation, it is your right to do so. They have specific stimulation functions, which can be interesting when masturbating. If you are going to share with someone else, take precaution and even use them with condoms.

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