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Informed Choices: Your Guide to Home Abortion Remedies

Updated: 2 days ago

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Those seeking a safe abortion at home often have the same question: how do you get an abortion with home remedies? The short answer is that you should not, for your own safety. The use of herbs for pregnancy termination is an age-old practice. However, not everyone is trained or has the herbal knowledge necessary to know the effect that certain plants can have on your body and your health. For example, the use of other potentially toxic natural substances such as black hellebore is completely contraindicated.

Clinical testing is used to determine whether a substance or compound is effective for what it is advertised for and whether it is safe for human consumption. Many of the natural remedies advertised for abortion do not meet these requirements and the lack of regulation can lead to unqualified persons selling compounds that may be dangerous or ineffective.

From the perspective of herbology, the use of plants such as sage, wormwood, pennyroyal and mugwort, among many others, is proposed. Its use for abortion could be as old as civilization itself, with evidence of it being written about in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and the Chinese dynasties of 2.700 A.C. Also the indigenous communitieshave extensive knowledge about plants with abortifacient properties, and their use can be traced through the different eras, up to the present day. In Venezuela, when asking how to abort with home remedies, it is popular to hear advice on the ingestion of other compounds such as avocado seed, malt with cinnamon and brusca root.

But the reality is that ingesting these compounds can at best be ineffective, and at worst, life-threatening if not properly managed. This is because herbs can cause allergies, stomach upset and other effects that are unknown because the evidence from the few clinical trials is scant. They could also cause an incomplete abortion, the risks of which could include hemorrhage or an infection that needs to be treated in the hospital.

Aya Contigo Follows the Abortion Protocol of the World Health Organization

For these reasons, when considering an abortion at home, you should know that the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes a safe abortion protocol with misoprostol or a combination of this drug with mifepristone for those who are up to 12 weeks pregnant.

This procedure is the one that Aya Contigo disseminates, and follows these guidelines of the WHO and accredited organizations, with scientifically proven data, to offer accompaniment to those who choose this option.

So it is possible to have a safe abortion at home, following the means proven by accredited health institutions. Under no circumstances should you expose yourself to drinks, teas, concoctions or compounds whose effects on your body are unknown to you or recommended by untrained people.

In addition, the possible interactions of these herbs with other medications should be taken seriously. As well as the harm they may cause if you have a pre-existing condition or disease. Some diseases can make you susceptible to bleeding, for example. And if you take any medication or substance without the proper accompaniment, it may affect the way it works or cause a side reaction.

The Danger of False Content

Those who disseminate unverified health content on networks are misinforming. As a result, several platforms have opted to remove such posts. In July 2022, YouTube posted that it will remove "content that provides instructions about unsafe abortion methods or promotes false claims about abortion safety under our medical misinformation policies."

If you need accurate information or support about safe abortion, download our application Aya Contigo, in which we give you the loving virtual support you need during your process. With updated, scientifically proven and safe data.

Are you looking for safe and confidential support and accompaniment?

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