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Gender Equality Took Center Stage at Women Deliver 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

Amidst the warm weather and to the rhythm of Afrobeat, Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, became the venue for Women Deliver 2023, one of the world's largest gender equality conferences.

The Kigali Convention Center - an icon of this city - welcomed more than 6,000 people, including activists, donors, donors, private sector, organizations and local government representatives, with a common goal: to create solutions that contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, which is gender equality.

From the first day, youth set the tone for the event. From Sri Lanka, Australia, Colombia, Egypt, Iran, Argentina, Venezuela and other countries, delegations from all over the world found in Women Deliver a space to connect, exchange knowledge and raise their voices for their demands. The conference made the message very clear: "youth are NOT the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today", so our voices and needs must be heard and, more importantly, our demands must be included in decision-making spaces.

Controversial Starting

The opening ceremony took place on Monday, July 17 at the BK Arena. The National Ballet of Rwanda captured our hearts with a performance full of strength and movement, and then the stage welcomed Zuhura, the African Lioness, a Tanzanian artist who recited her poem "Spark of Transformation."

Next, a panel began with the president of Hungary, Katalin Novák. Her participation generated outrage among the audience, as Novák has consistently maintained an anti-abortion stance. This episode is a reminder of how necessary it is to maintain a critical and demanding vision in the face of anti-rights discourses, even within feminist spaces.

Women for Gender Equality

The rest of the days of Women Deliver were spent in discussions, plenaries and dialogues. Among some of the topics that stood out were the end of female genital mutilation, the development of feminist public policies and the impact of climate change on communities. The event also featured stands occupied by organizations and projects that, in innovative ways, work to provide solutions to the challenges faced by women and girls around the world.

One of them, for example, was Aya Contigo, a virtual sexual and reproductive health companion available in Venezuela. In the midst of a restrictive context and a humanitarian emergency, this application provides evidence-based information, as well as sisterly accompaniment, so that its users can make informed decisions about their bodies and their lives.

Michelle Obama's participation

Finally, at the closing ceremony, Maliha Khan, president of Women Deliver, thanked the organizing team and each person who attended the event. Some young people from the Young Leaders program pointed out the achievements of the conference and then, through a video, the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, expressed her faith in the future because of the transformative action that is taking place in the communities. Also at the closing, MILCK, an American artist, sang "Quiet", an anthem for those of us who firmly believe in the feminist revolution. The conference, without a doubt, is a reminder that, in the face of injustices, there is a movement that does not desist in its efforts to advance gender equality. .

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