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When Can I Have an Abortion?

Updated: 2 days ago

Terminating a pregnancy is a procedure that can be surrounded by stigma and prejudice. This is a reality that results in harmful misinformation for people who is asking: When can I have an abortion?

According to the protocol manual of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is advisable to terminate the pregnancy in a self-managed way with pills until the 12th week. After that period of time, it would be preferable to use other methods that are more appropriate for the advanced stages and thus minimize the risks. Eréndira Hernández, an abortion escort, explains that it is easier to do it with pills in the first 10 weeks but it is not limiting. With other methods it is possible to have an abortion up to 24 weeks; there are protocols for these stages, although this also depends on the country where the person is.

In Venezuela, where abortion is criminalized, it is even more difficult because access to other methods that include medical equipment or even access to care can be dangerous, unsafe and costly. That is why an early termination is preferable, because it allows for easier and faster evacuation. "I usually attend up to 14 weeks, if it is more than that, I refer her to other instances," Hernandez points out.

Ernesto Sanchez, a health worker, believes that after 12 weeks she should be under medical supervision because managing the bleeding is important. He believes that in that case, other methods should be used, such as Manual Vacuum Aspiration, known as MVA, which is an intrauterine aspiration through a cannula that works by vacuum and works to eliminate ovarian remnants. This method can also be used if the abortion was induced by medication but remains. When the pregnancy is more than 14 weeks, a surgical abortion may be required, this procedure is called Dilation and Evacuation (D & E) and consists of dilating the cervix and evacuating the remains of the uterus.

Although all the procedures endorsed by the WHO respond to the time of pregnancy when an abortion can be performed and the individual has the right to decide if she wants medical intervention from the beginning, it is necessary to consider the context and the restrictions that could condition her decision. Besides taking into account that the self-managed method with pills has its limitations.

Timely Accompaniment and Information

Having a companion in the process of terminating the pregnancy could generate more confidence and security in the person who wants to perform the procedure. In addition to counseling and providing timely information ranging from how early in the pregnancy an abortion can be done to how to do it and what to do afterwards, in case she still needs help.

Silvana Perez, a worker, believes that in these cases in which the practice is self-managed from home, it is important to receive support that can provide clear and timely information so that safe decisions can be made to reduce risks. She explains that when a woman or pregnant woman decides not to continue with the pregnancy, she will do anything and will even put her own life at risk in order to terminate it. That is why it is important to receive care from sensitized people, specialized in the area and/or health workers who can attend to each person's needs, concerns and beliefs about abortion.

For a safe abortion: Aya Contigo

Aya Contigo is a virtual platform designed by Vitala Global to provide information on sexual and reproductive health issues and also to accompany you remotely and safely in your self-managed abortion process. The information offered on this platform comes from guidelines and resources based on scientific evidence developed by recognized international organizations. With this application you will be able to have accurate, timely and safe information about how early in pregnancy an abortion can be performed.

In addition to the service and information, the application provides security and privacy. The data collected in the procedure are minimal, necessary and relevant to carry out the process in a comprehensive manner and are deleted when they are no longer needed. For more information you can consult their policies and tips for using Aya Contigo safely through the menu on their home page.

Using it is simple. You can log in from a computer to the website here or download the app on your Android cell phone. Once inside, the options to choose from to start the tour are: how to have a safe home abortion, contraceptive methods and useful tips for self-care.

When you select the "how to terminate a pregnancy" option, you will be asked a series of questions about your search to provide you with the information you need about home abortion and comprehensive care.

Are you looking for safe and confidential support and accompaniment?

Download the app Aya Contigo.



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