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Aya Contigo's
Digital Safety Tips


Here are some recommendations for you to use Aya Contigo in the safest and most confidential way possible. Although Aya Contigo does not ask for your personal information, you can protect your private information and your activity on the Internet by following these recommendations to prevent any trace of your activity from being left behind or falling into the hands of others. At Aya Contigo we will always do our best to guarantee your privacy and security, because it is your right:

  • Set a password to access your phone

  • Set a password or pin to log in to Aya to ensure that only you will see the information in the app and in the chat. You can find the pin settings in the privacy option of the menu.

  • Use a personal email that only you have access to and/or set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) to protect the information in your email.

  • Use VPN (click HERE to find out what it is and how to install it) to use your browsing data securely.

  • Use web browsers such as TOR (click HERE to find out what it is and how to install it) so you can search for information or download the application securely.

  • Delete browsing history and emails with sensitive information on a regular or daily basis.

  • Close the application when you are no longer using it.

  • Disable the app notifications if you think they may check your phone.



A VPN is a "virtual private network", it allows you to have a secure connection to your internet so that your activity cannot be traced back to your device. The VPN hides the IP address (the identification code) of your device. We recommend using it when downloading or using the Aya Contigo application to maintain your digital security.

To download a VPN, we recommend using ProtonVPN:

  • Go to the Play Store on your phone (for Android).

  • Hit the search engine and type in "ProtonVPN" (the company name is "Proton AG"). This is the logo:

VPN logo.png

3. Click on "Open" and "Install".

VPN _install_ option.png
VPN _open_ option.png

4. You will have to move your finger over the screen twice until you get to a screen that gives you the options to "Login" or "Register".

5. If you have an account, log in.

6. If you do not have an account, press the "Register" option.

7. The option will take you to a browser window.

8. Select the free plan and click on the "Get Free" option:

VPN choose your plan.png

9. Te va a invitar a registrarte colocando esta información:

VPN registration.png

10. You will now have a new personal email and will be able to log in to your ProtonVPN application. Unfortunately, you cannot download the VPN without associating an email from the same platform, but the good thing is that you will now have a new encrypted email. This means that you will be able to use it for other digital activities securely.

Tor Browser


Tor Browser is a free open source browser (which means it is available to the public) that allows you to use the Internet without any service or company monitoring or tracking the pages you have visited. We recommend using it in conjunction with a VPN to ensure maximum security.


To download Tor, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Play Store on your phone (for Android).

2. Hit the search engine and type in "Tor Browser" (the owner's name is "The Tor Project"). This is the logo:

TOR logo.png

3. Click on the "Open" and "Install" option.

TOR _open_ option.png
TOR _install_ option.png

4. When you open the application, you will see a purple screen with a blue button that says "Connect" (we cannot take a screenshot because the application does not allow it).

5. When connecting, you will be asked to "Set your security level", press the option you want. The "Standard" option is the easiest one.

6. Then slide your finger upwards to reach the option at the bottom of the screen that says "Start browsing".

7. How to download Aya Contigo using Tor:

8. The option to search in the browser (in the navigation bar) appears at the bottom of the screen and there you can copy the link to download our application: or

9. That's it! You can now download our application in the three (3) dots that appear next to the navigation bar by pressing the "Install Aya" option.

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