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Do you need support for an abortion with pills?

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Your digital abortion and contraception companion.

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Te acompañamos paso a paso en el camino hacia un aborto seguro con pastillas


Te guiamos en la toma de decisiones sobre la anticoncepción en base a tus preferencias


Te ponemos en contacto con organizaciones de confianza para tus necesidades de salud sexual y reproductiva

Get to know the true story of a user who used Aya Contigo

"Sincerely, you have given me security and I have felt supported; thank you for clarifying my doubts and being there."

"The support is total, they never left me alone; the information, the help, everything was really great. I thank you from the bottom of my heart".

"Super pleased and grateful for the immense support you have offered me during this very difficult time."

Abortion in the midst of a complex humanitarian emergency: Venezuela

Immerse yourself in the courageous story of a woman facing hardship in a country where free abortion is criminalized

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